About Us

Tamako Toys is a toys, figures and hobby shop based in Quezon City, Philippines. Operated and managed by a fellow collector who loves anything and everything Japanese-be it anime, food, culture or its' people. The brand is inspired by our real-life companion Shiba Inu named Tamako, hence the shop name :)


ORDERING (Step-by-step)

Step 1: Choose among the wide selection of toys and figures available in our website. Carefully review the details such as the price, deadline date for pre-orders and the ETA (estimated time of arrival). 

Step 2: Press the "Add to cart" or "Buy Now' to add the item in your shopping cart or immediately proceed to the checkout page

Step 3: Review your shopping cart carefully. Then press the "Check Out" button to proceed

Step 4: Login if you already have an account with us or simply create a new one. Proceed to checkout page 

Step 5: Complete the information sheet such as your shipping address, contact info and discount code if you have one. Press "Continue to shipping"

Step 6: Choose a shipping method/location. Press "Continue to payment"

Step 7: Choose your mode of payment and billing address (if applicable). Press "Complete order". A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided.

Step 8: Transfer or deposit your payment to:

  • BPI Savings Account- Carlo Martin O Nombres, 3009 1245 93
  • GCash- 0917-8095575 Carlo Nombres


Step 9: Please send your deposit/transfer confirmation to our email and wait for our confirmation of your order


Step 10:

  • Pre-order
    • Remaining balance will only be asked once we have the your item already. You are then given 7 days to complete your payment after we send you an email or contact you through mobile. Once complete, we will then coordinate with you the shipping details
  • On-hand
    • Once full payment has been transferred and confirmed, we will immediately coordinate with you the shipping details. 

Please note that pre-orders cannot be cancelled once placed as we immediately pay our suppliers to secure your item. 



Some helpful terms: 

MISB- Mint in sealed box (All seals are intact, never opened, on rare cases minor box damage due to transportation, this is completely normal)

MIB- Mint in box (Opened only to check if all accessories are complete. Did not pull out the toy/figure from the encasing at all. All inner protective covers of the item intact)

BIB- Back in box (Figure/toy taken out of the box. Inner protective covers removed or disposed. Figure may have been displayed in display cabinet or desk)

SF- Shipping Fee (Additional fee paid by customer on top of the figure/toy he purchased)

MOP- Mode of Payment (Mode to be used by customers. Can be transfer through Gcash, Bank Transfers or *COD (Cash on Delivery)

*not yet available 

Pre-Order- Figure/toy order needs to be placed. The best price possible but customer has to wait until the order arrives in the country. Customer is guaranteed to receive allocation of the item if minimum deposit is paid before cut-off

ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival (expected date/period when the item arrives in the store

Minimum Deposit- The minimum amount required to secure a pre-order. The amount is non-refundable because payment is already given to distributor once pre-order is confirmed. Minimum deposit is deducted to the total pre-order price of the item. 

Balance/Payment Balance- Amount remaining after minimum deposit has been paid

Onhand Stocks- Item is in the warehouse and ready to ship upon full payment of customer

Incoming Stocks- Item has been ordered from distributor but we have extras that we can sell. Price is usually at SRP but item allocation is guaranteed

Back-Order- Item is available in local distributor for order. Once confirmed, we will order the item from distributor and have it shipped to our warehouse

SRP- Suggested Retail Price (Suggested price of the manufacturer for selling in the Philippines. Note that SRP per country is different)

Pasabuy- Item hunt. Item is still abroad (usually still in a store in Japan) and customer wants the item shipped here in the Philippines. This is usually the last resort for hard to find/rare figures. We highly discourage customers to engage in pasabuy transactions unless your contact has a proven record already. Please be vigilant and careful with your hard-earned money